The first connected door entry kit on the market

The Classe 300 connected door entry kit can be used to manage access to your home wherever you are. When someone rings from the entrance panel, the call is automatically transferred to the user's smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the camera, they can then see who is at the door, talk to them and open the door remotely.
Another very handy application: the connected Classe 300 can be combined with other equipment such as lighting, an automatic watering system or the gate. No more getting out of your car when you return home, just open the gate using your smartphone or tablet.

The first connected door entry kit on the market
Very easy to install

Suitable for both new-build and refurbishment projects, Legrand’s connected Classe 300 is very easy to install, as no extra wiring is needed: configuration is just the same as with conventional Classe 300, in other words, conventional wiring with a 2-wire bus.
Similarly, pairing the different items is quick and easy (video tutorial below). Once the connected Classe 300 door entry kit has been installed and configured, the user has to download the free Door Entry app onto their smartphone or tablet. They then simply connect the door entry phone to their Wi-Fi, create a Bticino account and pair the various devices.

Very easy to install

An ideal offer for apartment blocks

In conjunction with the Sfera New entrance panel or any other 2-wire bus entrance panel, the X13E Classe 300 connected door entry kit is suitable for residential apartment blocks. When installing it, an extra power supply needs to be incorporated (Cat. No. 346020).

Le portier connecté Classe 300

BTicino connected videophone

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